Check out the technical information!

  1. Replenishment is carried out in cash through an ATM by account number.
  2. The operation takes up to 3 hours from the moment of receipt of payment.
  3. We ask you to take into account that, when the Cryptocurrency exchange rate jumps by 0.5%, in any direction, the amount to be received is recalculated.
  4. It is necessary to make a transfer within 30 minutes from the moment you receive the wallet.
  5. Amounts over 300,000 rubles are recalculated upon crediting

Exchange process:.

  • You create an application and write its number to the chat.
  • You will be given a wallet to which you need to make a transfer.
  • After crediting the coin, expect receipts to the card.

The operator will be happy to tell you about all your questions!


Payment details are issued exclusively in an online chat on the website, or by telegram!


Carefully check the entered data. Especially Al. Email, due to the fact that all changes to the application are resolved via email.

Курс обмена: 1 ZEC = 2 996.4425 RUB

min.: 3 ZEC, max.: 200 ZEC

min.: 3 ZEC

min.: 8 989.3 RUB, max.: 599 288.5 RUB

min.: 8 989.3 RUB
Личные данные
Обмен Zcash ZEC на Альфа (cash-in) RUB

При возникновении вопросов обращайтесь к нам в чат — оператор Вам поможет.